Super Bowl LIII Hot Takes From Us And Our Fans

Super Bowl LIII Hot Takes From Us And Our Fans

By Christopher John Scott:

Sean McVay will out coach Bill Belichick in Super Bowl LIII. CJ Anderson will score the first three touchdowns. The Rams will run a fake punt play and score a TD. Tom Brady will win another Super Bowl MVP. Rob Gronkowski will have 12 receptions and score two touchdowns. Brandin Cooks will score two touchdowns and rack up 125 receiving yards. What are all of these predictions? They’re just a few examples of our HOT TAKES, but we have more and so do our 100% perfect, not just great fans!

Here’s how this works: on the Dinger for 3 Super Bowl LIII preview show, we had a segment where I gave a random hot take, and I let my co-hosts respond. And let me tell you, they have some wild predictions. So my hot take will be in bold and then you will see Mike Bernardo’s, Mike Carballeira’s, and then Nick Fugallo’s response. Even though I may be talking about a specific player, often times my trio of co-hosts came up with a completely different scenario that could very well occur later today.

DF3 Super Bowl LIII Hot Takes

“Brandin Cooks will torch the Patriots with over 100 receiving yards and at least one touchdown.” – Chris Scott

Brandin Cooks will score two touchdowns and have at least 125 receiving yards.” – Mike Bernardo

Brandin Cooks will score once and have 85 receiving yards.” – Mike Carballeira

“I don’t wish this on him. But Brandin Cooks will receive another concussion before the second quarter ends. I want to apologize to Brandin Cooks because no one deserves a concussion. I really don’t want it It’s just a hot take. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t want to be right. (Brandin Cooks ended up getting a concussion in the second or third quarter when the Patriots had no one to throw to. He will get another concussion around the same time of the game as last year)” – Nick Fugallo (WTF MAN?!)

“CJ Anderson will score two rushing touchdowns.” – Chris Scott

“Two? nah. he’ll get one. He’ll get one on third down.” – Mike Bernardo

“One touchdown not two. He breaks off like a 22-yard run.” – Mike Carballeira

“The poor defensive linemen that have to go against this guy. I can already see them eating turf and turf-balls. So CJ Anderson, of the Rams four touchdowns that they are going to score, CJ Anderson will rush in for three of them. It’s going to be the first, the third, and the second to last. I’m kidding, I just wanted to see the look on Bernie’s face. It’s the first, second, and third. The first three touchdowns will be scored by CJ Anderson The fourth touchdown will be a receiving by Todd Gurley. I see Jared Goff checking it down to Todd Gurley, and CJ Anderson playing vulture.” – Nick FugalloJ

“Jared Goff will throw four touchdowns and for over 300 passing yards.” – Chris Scott

Jared Goff will throw two touchdowns, one interception, and throw for no more than 200-220 yards.” – Mike Bernardo

“Two touchdowns, and one of them will be thrown to Todd Gurley, and throw for 260 passing yards.” – Mike Carballeira

“Two touchdowns, two interceptions, and throw for 250 yards.” – Nick Fugallo

“Julian Edelman will lead the Patriots to victory with over 10 receptions and 100 yards and a touchdown.” – Chris Scot

“He’ll have like eight receptions within the range of 70-80 yards, and a touchdown. I don’t know about 10 and a 100.” – Mike Bernardo

Brady’s favorite receiver. He’s gonna be his go-to guy. I feel he’s always been his go-to guy. Definite 100 yards, definitely a touchdown. One hundred and twelve yards for Edelman, 2 touchdowns.” – Mike Carballeira

“I believe Gronk is going to be their leading receiver on the team. Julian Edelman will probably be the third. Gronk’s gonna have twelve. James White is gonna have nine. Edelman is gonna have like six or seven. Gronk’s gonna have two touchdowns.” – Nick Fugallo

“Rob Gronkowski will score two touchdowns.” – Chris Scott

“The Rams defense is pretty good, I’ll give him one touchdown, 8 yards out and on a slant.” – Mike Bernardo

Gronk’s gonna get get hurt playing poker on Saturday night. No, Rob Gronkowski will score a touchdown and have over 100 receiving yards.” – Mike Carballeira

Rob Gronkowski will score two touchdowns and have 12 receptions.” – Nick Fugallo

“Sean McVay will out coach Bill Belichick.” – Chris Scott

“Nah.” – Mike Bernardo

“Can McVay out-smart Belichick on a few plays? Yeah, but there’s no out coaching Bill Belichick.” – Mike Carballeira

McVay’s been known for doing crazy things like running fake punt plays. But Bill Belichick will out coach McVay’s out coaching. It’s fourth and one and the Patriots will know what’s coming before the Rams know the play.” – Nick Fugallo. *Nick also added the Patriots will come up with an interception on a fake punt play by the Rams.

Todd Gurley will rush for over 100 yards.” – Chris Scott

Todd Gurley will find his magic touch. He will have over 200 total yards of offense.” – Mike Bernardo

Todd Gurley has been slowing down and will not have 100 yards. He may have 100 receiving yards, but he will have under 200 offensive yards.” – Mike Carballeira

Todd Gurley will not have 100 rushing yards, but CJ Anderson will have 100 rushing yards, and Gurley will have 100 receiving yards. Patriots are not good against the screen game.” – Nick Fugallo

“Tom Brady will lead the Patriots to a fourth-quarter comeback.” – Chris Scott

“The game will be tied at 23, my man Tom Brady will throw a pick to none other than Aaron Donald. It will be one of the first plays of the late fourth quarter drive. Donald will score a touchdown and ruin Tom Brady’s chances again.” – Mike Bernardo

Tom Brady will be winning the entire fourth quarter. They will push the lead to 11. Todd Gurley will then catch a 30-yard screen pass from Jared Goff and give Rams fans some hope. But then they get stopped.” – Mike Carballeira

Tom Brady will have no need to lead a fourth-quarter comeback because the Patriots will have a large lead. They will lead by four to two scores during the second half… Brady is gonna throw four touchdowns. Ones gonna be on the one yard line and he’s going to sneak it in. I hate that it’s gonna happen, but it’s gonna happen.” – Nick Fugallo

“Sony Michel will win the Super Bowl MVP.” – Chris Scott

Sony Michel will not win the Super Bowl MVP because they won’t give it to a losing team. Brandin Cooks will have over 125 receiving yards and two touchdowns and win the Super Bowl MVP.” – Mike Bernardo

Tom Brady will win the Super Bowl MVP. For a quarterback to not win the Super Bowl MVP, you have to do some crazy s***.” – Mike Carballeira

“Given that it’s a quarterback league, Tom Brady will be winning the Super Bowl MVP. But since we are playing hypotheticals and giving hot takes, not only is Sony Michel not getting the Super Bowl MVP, but James White is. James White is gonna have 22 catches (WHAT?!), for 220 yards and three touchdowns; all check downs.” – Nick Fugallo

“Rob Gronkowski will announce his retirement after the game.” – Chris Scott

“Yeah, just because.” – Mike Bernardo

“No, he doesn’t announce it, but I think it’s going to be within the first week after the Super Bowl… He knows right now if he’s retiring.” Mike Carballeira

“At first Gronk is gonna say ‘Who said it? Who said it? I didn’t say retirement!’ And then like a month later he’s gonna say ‘Yeah, I’m retiring. I’m out.'” – Nick Fugallo

“The Los Angeles Rams will be the last team Tom Brady plays in a Super Bowl.” – Chris Scott

Tom Brady will not.,” be in a Super Bowl again. “I don’t think so. I don’t know. It has to end sometime. He got lucky on a bulls*** NFL overtime rule. The rule is bulls***. I don’t like the rule of overtime. The Chiefs are going to be the next AFC team to make the Super Bowl.” – Mike Bernardo

Tom Brady will be in a Super Bowl again. He’s 41. We got to remember this definitely isn’t Brady’s best team. It’s probably not one of the top teams he’s ever had and he took them to the Super Bowl. This is where you learn it’s hard to bet against Tom Brady and the Patriots. It’s hard to bet against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. He will be in the Super Bowl again because he’s gonna try and play another five years.” – Mike Carballeira

Drew Brees is the last NFC quarterback Jared Goff will play against in an NFC championship game. Jared Goff will never make another NFC championship game.” – Nick Fugallo

Additional Predictions

The NFL will launch an investigation after the Super Bowl on the referees in the NFC Championship game. – Mike Carballeira and Nick Fugallo.

Final Score Predictions

“In symbolic fashion, the New England Patriots started their dynasty with a field goal kick by a young Adam Vinateri¬†against the Rams. That’s how that game ended. I am saying that the New England Patriots will lose to the Los Angeles Rams with the final score being 30-27 and it’ll be a game-winning kick by what’s that guys name? Zuerlein? Greg the Leg, at 27, game-winner. ‘Greg the Leg is coming to the line. He’s got an injury. He’s gotta get through it. He’s looked good all day. He’s hit every single PAT and field goal. Can he hit this one? The most important moment. Belichick calls a timeout. He calls a timeout to ice the kicker, three seconds left. Greg the Leg, the injured leg, it’s up, and it’s good! And the Rams win, and Tom Brady starts crying!’ No, Tom Brady is not going to start crying, but that’s what’s going to happen.” – Chris Scott

“I don’t care if they have Tom Brady. Tom, Dick, and Harry. Tom and Jerry. Bill Belichick, Bill Billabong, Bob the Builder. Rams 30, Patriots 23.” – Mike Bernardo

“What I see, 38-34, Patriots.” – Mike Carballeira

“Originally I was gonna say 41, Patriots were going to win 41 to 34. But I completely forgot a factor; the safety that always happens in every single Super Bowl. And it’s gonna be against the Patriots. So it’s going to be 41 to 36. New England still wins. Let’s say Ndamukong Suh gets the safety.”

Hot Takes From The Fans

“No way [Gronkowski won’t retire yet] four more seasons. He goes when Brady goes.” – Michael Lombardo

Rams beat Pats by 20.” – Veronica Scott (SHOUT TO MY COUSIN WHO JUST TURNED 26!)

Rams get two safeties on the Pats” – Ryan Enderes

“Wild game, 54-49, Rams.” – Doug McGreal

Brady gets hurt on a late hit, Hoyer comes in and leads the Pats to victory.” – Mike Sugamele


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