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An exciting Week 1 of football to look forward to.- photo credit Nick Latham/Getty Images The 2017 NFL season is officially underway and boy has it kicked off with a surprise. The defending champion New England Patriots dropped the season opener at home 42-27 to a very good Kansas City Chiefs team. Much as a surprise to many fans but don’t overlook the Chiefs this coming season with a solid defense and an offense with an explosive player in Tyreke Hill. Not only the Chiefs, but there are a few things to look forward to this season especially here in week 1: 1) The Return ofRead More →

Marvin Bagley, the nations number one recruit, an 18 year who currently is a high school student athlete at Sierra Canyon High School in Chatsworth, California has other plans than finishing high school. Bagley was supposed to be going into his senior year, but he graduated this August.  The 6’11” power forward was the number one recruit for the 2018 class until he reclassified for the 2017 recruiting class, which makes him eligible to play at the college level this coming November. Bagley chose to play at Duke over USC and UCLA, thus making him the fifth Duke Top 100 player this season and theRead More →

A controversial college basketball development that has expanded over the last twelve years is players leaving their college to play professional basketball after their freshman year; this is what we call a one-and-done player. In the last NBA draft, we saw 16 freshmen picked in the first round, including the top seven picks.  This is the most freshmen drafted in the first round ever.  Many schools have freshmen leaving, but the two programs effected most by the one-and-done rule are the Blue Devils of Duke University and the Wildcats of Kentucky. I believe a lot of kids in college see they could potentially make aRead More →

By: Christopher J. Scott Many believe the American League Cy Young award race is a toss up between Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians and Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox, but now we have to add a third name to the ballot: Luis Severino of the New York Yankees. Last night, Severino out-pitched Sale on the national stage, and the 23 year old Baby Bomber was the winning pitcher for the Yankees most important game of the season. At this point in the season, every game matters for teams in the hunt for a playoff birth.  However, as WFAN Sports Radio Host LoriRead More →

By: Christopher J. Scott The Los Angeles Dodgers are the best team in baseball, but the Arizona Diamondbacks are playing better baseball lately.  While Los Angeles is an abysmal 3-7 in their last 10 games, their division rivals in Arizona are 9-1. September baseball is known as the home stretch for all Major League Baseball organizations, and for playoff contenders, it is vital for them to finish strong.  In professional sports, skill and talent is one thing, but momentum is always the key factor when making a championship push.  With that said, should the Arizona Diamondbacks current hot streak cause some concern for the LosRead More →

  By: Christopher J. Scott   College Football is back in action, and here I bring to you my predicted winners for each NCAA Football Conference. I’m sure I won’t be 100% accurate with my picks when all is said and done, but I am sure you will understand.  To provide some back up for my claims, I will be utilizing sources from Bleacher Report, USA Today and Sporting News. ACC – Florida State Seminoles The Florida State Seminoles have a very good chance of winning the conference this year, but there will be some challenges.  First of all, the most important game of theRead More →

By: Christopher John Scott With less than 2 months left in the Major League Baseball, Dinger For 3 has updated their power rankings for one of the last times before the postseason begins.  In our most recent episode, we reveal our individual power rankings, but in this article, I will reveal my Top 5.  I’m ninety-nine percent sure that one of these teams will be crowned the 2017 World Series Champion.  Just so you know, I judged my rankings based off of the probability of a team winning a playoff series 1. Los Angeles Dodgers  Without any hesitation, the best team in baseball is clearlyRead More →

The Tarheels are NCAA Champs, Brock Lesnar is back on top in the WWE and Undertaker retires after Wrestlemania, NHL salary predicament, UFC Weight cutting and more. Hosts Michael Bernardo, Michael Carballeira and Chris Scott discuss sports stories on their podcast that fans will only hear if they tune in. Expect to be entertained and educated on professional and college sports stories all around the world of sports. This week: -Irrational MLB first week conclusions -Congratulations to the Tarheels ! -Wrestlemania Post-Game -Should the NHL pay for players to go to the Olympics? -Why are NHL players salaries so low ? -Controversy of UFC weightRead More →

Our 2017 baseball season preview show with award winner predictions, playoff teams and World Series winners. Hosts Michael Bernardo, Michael Carballeira and Chris Scott discuss sports stories on their podcast that fans will only hear if they tune in. E20-260 Expect to be entertained and educated on professional and college sports stories all around the world of sports. 200-101 This week: We preview the upcoming 2017 MLB Baseball season. Includes our picks for the world series, MVP, and rookie of the year !Read More →