Mike Bernardo, Mike Carballeira, and Chris Scott discuss the surging New York Mets. Bernie and Scott also share their thoughts on their trip to Toronto. And, the trio examined a look at former all-stars who need to step up if their teams are going to make a serious run at making the playoffs. The NFL Preseason is here, and we have takeaways to share! Also, what is up with the Antonio Brown drama? Lastly, we just received word that Dak Prescott wants $40 million per year from the Dallas Cowboys who will not give in to Ezekiel Elliot’s contract demands, More →

Mike Bernardo, Mike Carballeira and Chris Scott discuss the latest NBA and MLB action. The home run derby was wild last night, but so has the NBA off-season. We share our thoughts on the landscape of the NBA after free agent superstars switched jerseys, and share our mid-season MLB awards. Also, a special congratulations to the USWNST for another dominating performance in the FIFA Women’s World Cup! DF3 NBA 7/9/19 = DF3 MLB 7/9/19 = More →

By: Michael Bernardo Remember when I said way back last year how hard it was to be a fan of the orange and blue in New York? And how I said I’d get to the poor ownership of both teams at a later date? Well… Professional athletes across every sport dream to play in the concrete jungle of New York City. There‚Äôs nothing like it in all of sports. The food, the historical landmarks, and of course the seemingly never-ending night life which cannot be matched in any other city. Trust me, I’ve been to Boston. However, there is some downside to playing in theRead More →

Moving forward we will be recording our ‘episodes’ in separate tracks for each sport we discuss. Below you find the four recordings for our takes on the Kentucky Derby, Sports Illustrated MLB Power Rankings, NBA Playoffs, and the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Asus R510LB Charger Asus R510LC Charger Kentucky Derby: NBA Playoffs: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: SI MLB Power Rankings: More →

Our friend Kieran Reilly joins us as we discuss why we may be on the verge of another Warrios vs. VCAD510 Cavs classis in the NBA finals. Bernie, Carb, Scott and guest Kieran Reilly discuss the latest NBA action in the playoffs, the Rangers advancing to the next round in the NHL Playoffs, their thoughts on the current MLB Standings, and Aaron Hernandez. Asus R510L Charger Asus R510VB ChargerJN0-643Read More →

At 26 years old from the Park Hill section in Staten Island, New York, Marcus Browne has been making a name for himself. Currently 19-0 with 14 KOs Marcus Browne who also goes by “Sir” Marcus Browne in the ring is ranked 8th by the WBC in the Light Heavyweight division with what is his biggest fight of his life up next on Saturday July 15th. The southpaw will go toe to toe with Long Island native Sean Monaghan at the Nassau Coliseaum in Monaghans backyard. 1Z0-960 Monaghan comes into this fight with an astonishing 28-0 record so a win here for Browne would definitelyRead More →

Its July 14th and the New York Mets find themselves with a 39-47 record and currently 12 games behind the Nationals for first place. This was suppose to be a year that the Mets contend not only for the division but for a World Series and that ship has sunken drastically. Injuries on top of injuries and key players not performing are the main reason. Now for a team that is struggling and dealing with a huge list of injuries is it time to fold the season and become sellers? 648-375 As per reports from CBS Sports the Mets are willing to trade key veteransRead More →