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by Michael Carballeira The New York Mets have signed veteran first basemen Adrian Gonzalez who will now be in on his fifth different team in his 14 year career. The 35 year old is a 5x All Star, 2x Silver Slugger as well as a 4x Gold Glove winner. A lot of questions swirl around this signing as most fans are looking at this as just another Wilpon family move but maybe there was some reasoning for this move that some are looking past. On August 11th, 2017 Dominic Smith made his major league debut for the New York Mets. This was huge since itRead More →

by Michael Carballeira  On this weeks edition of the power rankings we have seen one win streak come to an end but another team has their own double-digit win streak occurring. Also another top team starts to fall and the Spurs get a very valuable piece back to their team. 30) Atlanta Hawks We have ourselves a new……worst team in the league and this week if features the Atlanta Hawks. A main reason for that is the Bulls actually won games this week and Atlanta hasn’t done much. 29) Memphis Grizzlies Its just absolutely crazy to see this team that was top ranked in theRead More →

by Michael Carballeira Welcome to another edition of the NBA weekly power rankings. In this past week of play we seen some players return from injury but we also have some new big names that got hurt. We also had our second head coach firing of the season. 30) Chicago Bulls  Currently on a nine game losing streak and find themselves in last place in the league with a 3-19 record. To say things have looked better for the Bulls would be nothing but a lie. This was a recent stretch that the Bulls could of won some games but still found ways to loseRead More →

by Michael Carballeira Another week has come, and another week has ended and it’s has been a fun season so far up to date. I apologize for not posting a Rankings last week but now it’s back. This past week included a continued win streak, some hot teams falling back to reality and a team climbing back up after its poor start. 30) Sacromento Kings There is literally nothing positive to say about this team especially after this past week. Their first round pick DeArron Fox had a minus 58 +/- rating the past four games. Also in their matchup against the Hawks; not onlyRead More →

by Michael Carballeira Another NBA week has concluded and we still have some questions that need to be answered. Are the Cavs not elite anymore? Are the Knicks legit? Is Kyrie the difference between Boston and Cleveland? Let’s see how things panned out in Week 4: 30) Dallas Mavericks (-3) The Mavericks are 1-10 for the first time since the 1993-94 season and just the 4th time in team history and by the looks of their next 20 games things don’t look much brighter. 29) Sacromento Kings (-3) The Kings just don’t look like the team I thought they could be. Didn’t think they’d beRead More →

by Michael Carballeira  Two weeks into the NBA season and we have some early season surprises and some early season disappointments. Big name players not performing and we already have our first head coach firing and that came into the teams 3rd game. A few names playing at potential MVP status but let check out where teams land after just two weeks: 30) Phoenix Suns (-1) Their point guard Eric Bledsoe was sent home after publically asking for a trade via twitter. This came out after head coach Earl Watson was fired after 3 games following a 42 point blow out loss to the Clippers.Read More →

By Michael Carballeira Here we are just about a month away from the college basketball season. All the top recruits have committed to their respective teams and all teams pretty much know what their line ups are going to look like come opening night. This season will be another fun season to watch as all college seasons are; a lot of tops names have left but also a lot of big names have come in. As I will reveal my top 5 teams coming into the season here are also some honorable mentions to watch this season: Gonzaga Bulldogs Gonzaga to me might fall outRead More →

by Michael Carballeira The 2017-18 NBA season is underway and we couldn’t be more happier. This season includes old faces in new places as well as a few more “Superteams.” Before every season all fans like to predict the season standings as well as playoff matchups and championship winners. As you will see on one of our upcoming episodes on Dinger For 3 we will gives our season/postseason predictions but right here right now I will give you some of my season award winners such as MVP, DPOY, ROY and more. A new season means you can either see repeat winners or new players takingRead More →

by Michael Carballeira The ongoing Melo drama has finally come to an end. After not being able to get traded to his preferred destination in Houston, Carmelo Anthony who wanted to be traded before camp next week expanded his desired list of teams to go to. Friday evening Melo announced he would be willing to go to Oklahoma City, Portland and as well as Cleveland. The winner of the Melo sweepstakes……OKC! As announced first by Adrian Wojnarowksi, the New York Knicks have agreed to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Okalahoma City Thunder for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2nd round draft pick. Could theRead More →

by Michael Carballeira  With preseason set to begin every team has their roster ready for the exhibition games. After what we thought was already a huge summer got even bigger over the past week with two more big moves. A lot of teams will look completely different heading into the preseason and a lot of star players will be wearing different jerseys now let’s see where each team stands as preseason looms. 30) Chicago Bulls This may come to a surprise that a playoff team last season has fell to be the worst team in the league but the Bulls might have lost the most.Read More →